Jonathan Willis Jarvis, age 71+ in Flagstaff AZ starting new year 2014

"This is not mine, not me, not myself."
    -- MN 62: Advice to Rahula

Jonathan Willis Jarvis
postal: 3122 N Monte Vista Dr Apt 18, Flagstaff AZ 86004
twitter: jwleaf4

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  Live webcam view of Mt. Humphries, Flagstaff, AZ
  Ever-changing NOAA Bellemont webcam view of the San Francisco peaks
  and pine forests
 north of Flagstaff, Arizona.
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The Buddhist Four Noble Truths:
1. Suffering pervades all conscious experience.
2. The origin of suffering is personal craving.
3. The cessation of suffering follows on the extinction of craving.
4. The way is by self restraint, concentration and wisdom.

(The Noble Eightfold Path)

Concentration and Wisdom Texts:
The Eight Buddhist Theravada Precepts
The Middle Length Discourses (Majjhima Nikaya)
MN 51: The Gradual Training
MN 62: Advice to Rahula
MN 118: Anapanasati: Breathing With Mindfulness
MN 118: Anapanasati notes
Dhamma Study Notes
Dhamma Practice Notes

El Dhamma en Español 

Agnostic Buddhism

What is Yoga? Patanjali's Sutras
The Way of the Bodhisattva
The Patimokkha: The 227 Theravada Monastic Rules

"Pasajera es la vida, dolorosa y vacía."
    -- legend mounted over the Andarivel Gate

"Nothing lasts in this world. Strive on with diligence."
   -- the Buddha's last exhortation to his followers