Jonathan Willis Jarvis , 2010, map of Gila National Forest

"This is not mine, not me, not myself."
    -- MN 62: Advice to Rahula

Jonathan Willis Jarvis

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A Single Excellent Night
Majjhima Nikaya, Sutta 131

Let not a man revive the past
Or on the future build his hopes;
For the past has been left behind
And the future has not been reached.

Instead with insight let him see
Each presently arisen state;
Let him know that and be sure of it,
Invincibly, unshakeably.

Today the effort must be made;
Tomorrow Death may come, who knows?
No bargain with Mortality
Can keep him and his hordes away,

But one who dwells thus ardently,
Relentlessly, by day, by night ---
It is he, the Peaceful Sage has said,
Who has had a single excellent night.

  Live webcam view of Mt. Humphries, Flagstaff, AZ
  Ever-changing NOAA Bellemont webcam view of the San Francisco peaks
  and pine forests
 north of Flagstaff, Arizona.
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The Buddhist Four Noble Truths:
1. Nothing in life is completely satisfactory.
2. Discontent springs from desire.
3. Contentment follows on the fading of desire.
4. The way is by self restraint, concentration and wisdom.

(The Noble Eightfold Path)

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"Pasajera es la vida, dolorosa y vacía."
    -- legend mounted over the Andarivel Gate

"Nothing lasts in this world. Strive on with diligence."
   -- the Buddha's last words